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Harrie P Woodson Memorial Library

Library Services

Everything we do for you, inside the library or out

Circulation Services

We have a variety of items that may be checked out. These include books, audio books, and movies in both VHS and DVD formats. Items are checked out for a period of two (2) weeks. Books and audio books may be renewed if not reserved by another patron. Movies can not be renewed.

Youth and Teen Services

The library offers Summer Reading programs for youth and teens during summer vacation. Youth and teens read books for prizes. Every year there is a different theme for the program. We also offer "story time" for the younger set.

Computer Services

The library offers the use of computers (or wi-fi)  with internet access to all  patrons. Patrons must have a signed internet access form on file and be a member in good standing. Library staff is limited on the assistance provided with use of the computers. If patrons are unfamiliar with using a computer, they are urged to bring in someone that can assist them.

Fax and Scanning Services

The library has faxing and scanning capabilities for anyone that needs these services. Faxing is charged by the page. Charges are: to receive, $1.00 for first page, 10 cents for each additional page. To send: $1.00 for every page sent. Scanning charges are $1.00 for 1-5 pages the $1.00 for each additional 5 pages.

The Library's Collection

The library system contains over 20,000 materials including over 18,000 books and over 2,000 assorted audio books and movies. Donations are always gratefully accepted..

Community Spaces in the Library

The library offers the community the use of our conference room. The conference room is available for use by appointment with 8 as a maximum occupancy. Individuals may call the library at 979-567-4111 to place a reservation